So I have the most AWESOME Husband ever!!! He came home from work early today and went into our room to put his wallet on the TV stand and comes out and says to me “get the kids ready we are going to pick up some storage to get your yarn off the floor and out of the closet and off your dresser and every where else it has managed to drop itself”!!! So I ran around frantically getting a 3 year old wiped off and in some clean “shopping clothes” and coralling a 9 year old to put his sneakers on! I was ready to go in record time (before he changed his mind LOL) and off we go. We get to Zellers which is closing so we thought we could get a great deal on storage units only to get there and well not so much in the storage 😦 Ah well we stopped at Wal mart and they had what he was looking for except for a few pieces. So we had to make another stop on the way home to pick up some shelving! we come home and I empty all my stuff from the closet onto our bed (hehe, knowing now he has to finish it tonight at a reasonable time so I can get it all put away before we go to sleep for the night!). He is down there now poking holes in the walls to hang the shelves, he already put the storage unit things together! Then I just need to top them up with yarn and I will be good to go! 

Well I am getting called to duty now so I better get to work! I will post some pics when I get it all finished 🙂